Friday, October 18, 2013

Introduction to Splendid Wake-up

The purpose of the Splendid Wake-up blog is to bring systematic attention to the Splendid Wake project, a massive endeavor to document poets and poetry in the Greater Washington, DC area from 1900 to current day.

 The Splendid Wake-up blog supports the Splendid Wake project goal to get people to write about poets, poetry events, poetry movement, and anything that was produced or happened within the geography and timeframe named and then to send these essays to the wiki administered through Special Collections of the Gelman Library at The George Washington University.

How to submit to the Splendid Wake wiki: Send essays, biographies, vignettes to Jennifer King at JenKing @

Questions about the Splendid Wake project may be posted here as comments.

The current steering committee of Splendid Wake headed by Myra Sklarew includes: Karren Alenier, Anne Becker, Sarah Browning, Teri Cross Davis, Sunil Freeman, Nan Fry, Patricia Garfinkel, Barbara Goldberg, Patricia Gray, JoAnne Growney, Rod Jellema, Jennifer King, Mary Ann Larkin, Merrill Leffler, Judith McCombs, Jean Nordhaus, Elisavietta Ritchie, William Rivera, Kim Roberts, Dan Vera.

Schedule of Splendid Wake-up Posts

The Splendid Wake Committee has committed to a series of monthly posts to the Splendid Wake-up blog. Other unscheduled posts may also appear, for example to inform the public of upcoming Splendid Wake activities.

Nov     Elisavietta Ritchie
Dec      Karren Alenier

Jan      Kim Roberts
Feb      Merrill Leffler
Mar     JoAnne Growney
Apr      Myra Sklarew
May     Judith McCombs
June    Rod Jellema
July     Patricia Garfinkel
Aug     Joanna Howard
Sept    Anne Becker
Oct      Jean Nordhaus
Nov     Patricia Gray
Dec      Grace Cavalieri

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